Eric Mays Net Worth| How Rich is Flint Councilman ? Know his Age, Career, Wife, Legal Issues and More

How rich is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays Bio/Wiki

NameEric Mays
ProfessionPolitician ( Flint City Councilman )
Date Of Birth16 September 1958
Birth PlaceFlint, Michigan, United States
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Maritial StatusMarried
WifeMegan Ritchie
Eric Mays Bio/Wiki

Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays is a councilman who represents the First Ward on the Flint City Council in Michigan. Mays often causes controversy during council meetings with his direct remarks, witty comebacks, and explosive outbursts. His disruptive behavior has led to his removal from meetings on multiple occasions.

For instance, in January 2023, Mays was removed from a council meeting after unleashing a barrage of racial slurs. Additionally, in October 2023, he was removed from a meeting and subsequently filed a lawsuit against city officials and police, alleging violations of his first amendment rights and the Open Meetings Act.

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Early Life

Eric Mays is a politician and councilman who represents the First Ward on the Flint City Council in Michigan. He was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. Eric was born into a Christian and middle-class family, and his parents worked hard to give him a better education and life.

He had his education in Flint city and presently still resides in the city. Eric Mays has held various positions in the city, and he is also known as one of Flint’s city councilmen. However, his political career has been characterized by controversy, passionate advocacy, and a steadfast commitment to his constituents.

How Old is Eric Mays? Eric Mays Birthday

Eric Mays was born on September 16, 1958, making him 63 years old as of 2024.


Eric Mays is a politician and councilman who represents the First Ward on the Flint City Council in Michigan. He has been in active politics for over ten years and was elected to City Council in 2013 by just eight votes over candidate Anita Brown.

He served in that post for four years. In 2015, Mays contested for the Flint Michigan mayoral position but lost to the incumbent mayor Dayne Walling, businesswoman Karen Weaver, and Councilman Wantwaz Davis. Mays has held various positions in the city, including being a one-time vice president of the city councilmen and the financial committee chair.

eric mays birthday

However, he lost his position over a Nazi salute to the council’s leader and compared her to Adolf Hitler during a public meeting. Mays has a history of making outbursts and getting arrested. He was suspended from attending meetings for the month of August 2023 after allegedly behaving poorly during council meetings in July 2023. Mays filed a lawsuit against the city, challenging the council’s ability to suspend him from carrying out his elected duties during meetings.

Eric Mays Net Worth And Salary

Eric Mays’s net worth and salary are unclear. Eric Mays has run into debt for the several legal issues he has encountered in his political career. He has raised over $15,000 on his GoFundMe account from supporters across the country and in Flint city to cover legal expenses.

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Eric Mays Wife

Eric Mays is married to Megan Ritchie. They are scheduled to get married on April 30, 2022. Despite his controversial public image, Mays has managed to keep his personal life private.

Eric mays Wife

What Happened to Eric Mays? Eric mays Controversy

Mays has gained attention for his in-your-face politics, clashes with political friends and foes, and dramatic and hysterical moments that have been captured on video and gone viral on the internet. Mays has been sentenced to prison in 2016 for drunk driving after being arrested outside a council meeting, and he was found next to a broken-down car on the wrong side of the freeway in 2013. 

In March 2023, Mays was found guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced to six months probation and $125 in fines following an April 25, 2022, Flint City Council meeting.

Eric Mays Shirt

There are various t-shirts available that feature him or phrases associated with him. These shirts can be found on platforms like Etsy, EricMaysTshirts, Redbubble, Carbon Black DC, and Skullridding. The availability of these shirts reflects the impact of Mays’ public persona and the attention he has garnered.


Who is Eric Mays?

Eric Mays is a councilman who represents the First Ward on the Flint City Council in Michigan.

When is Eric Mays Birthday?

Eric Mays is in his 50s or 60s, but his real age is unknown.

Why is Eric Mays in Jail?

Mays has been involved in legal disputes, such as filing a lawsuit against city officials and police.

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